Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Old National Web site system hacked

this article is about howOld Nationa Bank web site system hacked.
and how the hackers stole customers information.
also wearing to Old National customers do not give any information to anyone
who ask about Privet information.

by:Ahmed Ali

Monday, May 02, 2005

Girl charged in alleged assisted suicide of father

The article mentioned that 14 years old girl helped to die for her father. In March 13, her father Garrett Rich committed suicide, but he did not die. After his shot, the girl found his father who injured by himself, then she shot and kill her father. I feel that this is a terrible situation. If I were she, I would do so.

By Masaki

Sport genetics could make Superman fantasy a reality

The article is about " Sport genetics could make Superman fantasy a reality"
Steroid makes sports players more faster and stronger like superman
But I think to use steroid is harmful for my health and unfair in sports.
Some sports players were dead because of steroid abuse.
Why do you think sports players use steroid?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Commuters should plan for oil shock

In the article entitled "Commuters should plan for oil shock", from the CNN website, the author introduces that consuming nations have to plan to cope with lack of oil and price rises of oil. When oil prices record over $58 a barrel, surging demand of Asia's emerging economies arouse close of world supplies. And the article warns that oil prices can rise to $100 per barrel. In the result, we should consider car-pools, driving bans of odd/even day, more telecommuting and free or low-price public transport that can reduce use of oil.

I strongly agree with author's opinion that people should make a plan for oil shock. And the ways of saving energy, which are car-pools, more working in week, more telecommuting and free or low-price public transport, give life expectancy of oil longer and earn time to phase in renewable energy source.

By Rina

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Get'em! Groovy gifts for your stylish mom

Mother's Day is coming! This news reminds us to buy a gift for our lovely mother. This news introduce some special presents for our choice. For example, kitchen garden, outsoor pauilion, jewelry, necklace, tea or tea service, cosmetic, perfume, and skin care are great choices. I think the gift is not important in valu. The most important thing is your heart and the greatful. Whatever your present are, I am sure when Mom recive our present, she will be very happy. If you want more information about gifts, please welcome this web site

by Mandy

British Court: in Vitro Embryo for Cure OK

This article is about British couples can have babies in vitro for curing their sick children. The Hashmis family has tried to produce a child with tissue compatible, but they had a abortion. Some people argue that it could cause the creation of babies for spare parts.

I'm not sure weather it is wrong or not. We can discuss it is helpful for sick children or it just cause abortion and the creation of babies for spare parts.

By Danny

Thursday, April 28, 2005

3 percent follow health advice

According to this news, only 3percent American people are conform to health advice. Those health advices include keeping the weight off, excercise regularly, eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day and avoid smoking. And, in the news of 'New food triangle',they said that U.S. Agiculture Department create an internet based advisory. However, this program doesn't seem to work for the people who really need it. Also, they report how many peopledie from being obese or overweight.
In my opinion, every people want to be healthy both physically and emotionally.however, like the news said, nobody follows health advice all four goals. To being healthy, we need to do more work and excercise. And, U.S. government shoud pay attention more to the people with poor eating and a lack of exercise.

by Hoon

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Capital punishment of the world.

My article talk about death penalty. In China, many people are death by death penalty, is it good way to give death penalty..? Some countries are saying it is really need to makr strict laws but another counties disagree because we are not a god so death penalty is bad law.

Three new networks seek gay audience

My article talks about gay and lesbian TV program. There are three networks which are trying to get gay and lesbian audience. One of these MTV networks' Logo would start service on June 30 as a basic cable network. They are sure about being successful. "There is definitely an audience out there that is hungry to see their stories being told," said Romine who is entartainment media director for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

In my opinion, it would succeed. There are a lot of people who are gay or lesbian. They want to watch their love story and documentary, and so on. Also, it could remove prejudice toward them if the networks could get another audience.

+ Eriko +

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sports Drinks: Who Needs Them?

This article is about the sports drinks. We have too much choice of neon-colored sports drinks and Americans spent over $5.4 billion on last year.
In this article, there are two different opinions. One is that sports drinks have little value to the average user. And the other is that sports drinks are healthy and safe, and have fewer calories than sodas and skim milks.
Do we need sports drinks or not?


To use text messages and e-mail is harmful

This article is about how using text messages and e-mail can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking marijuana. When I read this article, I was so surprised. I always use the e-mail and text messages. High technology does not always give us good points. We can not do without e-mail, text messages on nowadays. We depend on these stuff too much. We should chage our life style before the technology conquers us.

  • Young
  • Chimpanzee Charlie! Don't smoke!

    This article is talking about a chimpanzee who can smoke; his name is Charlie. He learns and smokes from visitors who toss the cigarettes for him. When people see Charlie is smoking must feel interesting, but its really bad for his health. Keepers say they want to let Charile quit smoke, however his imitational ability is too much!

    By Joyce

    Teens Becoming "Generation Rx"

    The article, Teens Becoming "Generation Rx" talks about why teenagers are using painkillers as a drug to get high. Those painkillers are such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, Ritalin/Aderall and they are much more easier to get than a illegal drug. Also those painkillers affect same as a illegal drug. Lastly, According to researches high percentage of teenagers are doing those painkillers to get high.

    In my opinion, the worse thing is using some drug and become an addictive to something.Sometimes teenagers can not understant this situation but in the future this affects to many thing in their lifes. I really hope that today's teenagers will stop doing painkillers as an illegal drug.